Young Adult Reviewers

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Reviewers for Young Adult Literature

Most of these reviewers work with a blog, or may be associated with a magazine. As volunteers, they may or may not have time to review your MS. Not every reviewer is open for all genres. For reviewers of Adult literature, go to this page.

Professional reviewers or major magazines may require previous success with reviews; many also charge a fee, ranging from $8 to $400, with a guaranteed review (not necessarily positive).



PETER GARCIA, visiting profes­sor at the Univer­sity of Califor­nia, Santa Barbara, Spanish and Portu­guese Department

JOHN MARTIN, Pub­lisher of Black Spar­row Press. “I can't say enough in recom­mending Sasha ‘Birdie’ Newborn.”

Any publisher is delighted to find someone bringing a new audience to supplement their established market niche. Anna B. Brooks


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