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Professional Reviewers

Reviewers and magazines on this page charge a fee, and they may offer other editorial services. The prices quoted here are sample prices; check their requirements (or negotiate).

For Young Adult and Children reviewers and bloggers (no fee), go here. And these Reviewers of adult literature do not charge if they write a review; keep in mind that these reviews may or may not be published.



PETER GARCIA, visiting profes­sor at the Univer­sity of Califor­nia, Santa Barbara, Spanish and Portu­guese Department

JOHN MARTIN, Pub­lisher of Black Spar­row Press. “I can't say enough in recom­mending Sasha ‘Birdie’ Newborn.”

Any publisher is delighted to find someone bringing a new audience to supplement their established market niche. Anna B. Brooks


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