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Reviewers for Literature

Reviewers on this page do not charge a fee; they may be individuals with a blog, or staff reviewers for a magazine. They are not casual readers, often getting tons of stuff to read; as volunteers, they may or may not choose to review your MS. Be sure that you ask a reviewer who is interested in your genre; for Young Adult and Children reviewers, go here.

Willing to pay? Professional reviewers or magazines charge a fee, ranging from $8 to $400, with a guaranteed review (not necessarily positive).



KENNETH COLLIER, Former Minister, Unitar­ian Society of Santa Barbara

JOHN MARTIN, Publisher of Black Spar­row Press. “[With] Sasha ‘Birdie’ Newborn… Black Sparrow Press books have won almost unani­mous accep­tance in the book­store trade and a number of awards for excel­lence.”

Any publisher is delighted to find someone bringing a new audience to supplement their established market niche. Anna B. Brooks


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