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Ghostwriting is, basically, heavy editing. You may have a brilliant idea, but have trouble with compound sentences, dangling modifiers, creaky grammar, messy organizational skills. A ghostwriter might save your bacon. But understand that good ghostwriters are hard to find, and their fees will be hefty (if their rates are cheap, so will their work be).

Ghostwriters may or may not require acknowledgement, such as their name on the cover: "as told to," for instance.

Here is a roster of ghostwriters.

Ghostwriters are versatile, but check on their expertise as it relates to your work. Legal? fiction? gardening?— find someone appropriate to your topic.




KENNETH COLLIER, Former Minister, Unitar­ian Society of Santa Barbara

JOHN MARTIN, Publisher of Black Spar­row Press. “[With] Sasha ‘Birdie’ Newborn… Black Sparrow Press books have won almost unani­mous accep­tance in the book­store trade and a number of awards for excel­lence.”

Sasha — Thanks for the good work — very thorough.
—Steve Eltinge

people fail
many times
but keep
on coming.
— Anonymous