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Family History? Teaching?

If you have written out your personal or family history and want to share it with your family and friends— or maybe you're teaching a limited-enrollment class— then a Beta Book version is just what you need.

A Beta Book looks and feels and reads like a paperback book, with the same print quality as if it had been published by any major publisher. A family treasure of memories, genealogy, and adventures for all to share. Or subject matter unavailable elsewhere.

Better yet, since you're not selling your book in bookstores, you don't need a publisher. Or an ISBN barcode.

Add photos or drawings (digitized), with an appropriate one for the cover.

HOW MANY PAGES? No limit. If it's over 600 pages (whew), it might require two volumes. How full has your life been?

ANY QUESTIONS? Just ask Birdie.

HOW MUCH? Check prices and sign up.

TEACHING: Perhaps you're teaching a special course, and need just a few course books. If it's straight text, no problem. Math or graphs or tables starts to run into extra expense. Ask for an estimate.

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STEVE ELTINGE, Publisher, MIP Publish­ing. “Sasha — Thanks for the good work — very thorough.”

DWIGHT COOKE, Radio Producer, writer. “If this — Just Passing Through — is literate, it's Sasha's fault — and I'm grateful.”


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