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The Business of Publishing

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Once you complete the "beta" process, you now know a lot more about publishing. The down side: it's a major commitment of your time, in fact a new career. The upside, if you've already been planning or writing a sequel, or other books in the same category, then you have much better control over your career with your own publishing operation. This is your second major decision point. Don't do it half-heartedly.

But if you're serious, then start immediately making your own lists— compare rates, look for recommendations. Look into these additional resources:

Just as a reminder, the illustrators and editors listed here are independent contractors; they are not employed by Beta Books. If you like the work of any individual, throw some business their way; build a relationship.

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JOHN MARTIN, Black Spar­row Press. “For twenty-five years, Sasha has always responded with enthu­siasm and initia­tive to the require­ments of our demand­ing publishing schedule.”

THOMAS RYDDER, writer: “Thanks so much. This is actually the most insightful criticism I've received on any of my writing, and it's immensely helpful.”

Funda­mentally, we read imagina­tive literature in order to change and evolve as people, and the text that opens and supports that process has great value for us —Robert C. Davis