Cover Art

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Cover Art

A book without a cover? Nah. Below are samples of book cover art.

Ask your illustrator whether they do the whole cover, or just front cover art. No visual ideas or photos? Consider an all-type cover.

Here is a roster of artists who do book cover art. Hover a mouse over a cover to see the illustrator's name.




VÍCTOR FUENTES, Professor in the Spanish and Portu­guese Department, Univer­sity of Califor­nia, Santa Barbara, co-editor Ventana Abierta magazine

JOHN MARTIN, Publisher of Black Sparrow Press. “Ms. Newborn's… reliabil­ity is unques­tioned, her judgment invaluable, her breadth of know­ledge in languages is always helpful.”

Sasha — Thanks for the good work — very thorough.
—Steve Eltinge

people fail
many times
but keep
on coming.
— Anonymous