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What Does It Take to Have a Book Published?

Beta Books offers "pre-publishing," just enough copies of a book to send to early readers and previewers. With the feedback you get, you make the decision to go forward, or not.

WHAT DOES IT COST? That depends on how many pages, how many copies— and whether you paid for cover art, editing, critiquing, etc. Check this page for figuring your total cost.

Who Is Book Doc?

Sasha Newborn (aka Birdie Newborn) has been doing book production of academic journals for university groups for thirty years, as well as producing the line of college humanities texts for Bandanna Books.

Here are two recommendations, from Víctor Fuentes, for the Chicano Studies Institute, and from John Martin, publisher of Black Sparrow Press.



With great pleasure I write this letter of reference and recommendation for Sasha "Birdie" Newborn. For fifteen years and 32 issues, Sasha has been working with the eminent Professor Luis Leal and myself producing and publishing Ventana Abierta, a cultural and literary Latino review, and one of the few, and most recognized, written in Spanish in the United States.

She has been in charge of the design and printing, doing an admirable work. Each issue has been received with high praises for its graphic designs and typographic presentation, much enhancing its content. As the editors, don Luis and I always have celebrated the final products that Sasha has deliver to us and always on time.

With long years of dedication, she is master of the craft. We admire her attention to detail, accuracy, artistic design, responsiveness and professional responsibility. Though she doesn't speak Spanish or Portuguese, she has handle publication in both language with rather impeccable precision. For all the above, I recommend Sasha "Birdie" Newborn in the highest terms, considering fortunate the persons and Institutions that enter in working collaboration with such a qualified and honest professional person as Sasha is.


Víctor Fuentes

Editor of Ventana Abierta and Emeritus Professor of Spanish, UCSB

John Martin (2003)

I can't say enough in recommending Sasha Briar (Birdie) Newborn. For twenty-five years, Sasha has always responded with enthusiasm and initiative to the requirements of our demanding publishing schedule. Black Sparrow Press books have won almost unanimous acceptance in the bookstore trade and a number of awards for excellence in design and book production, in part due to Ms. Newborn's fresh approach to traditional text design.

Her reliability is unquestioned, her judgment invaluable, her breadth of knowledge in languages is always helpful. In addition, Sasha is a fully qualified editor who has contributed mightily to the accuracy and coherence of our texts.

I would recommend Sasha Briar Newborn to any publisher looking for dedication and dependability in book production.

For more details on Sasha Newborn's history, go to the Bandanna Books About page, as well as this list of books designed over the last 30 years.



DOUGLAS J. MILLER, author of Jesus Goes to Washington. “Birdie: Thanks for the big part you had in this book.”

ELEANORE HILL, author of the Rhodora Prize novel,The Family Secret. “Hey, Birdie. You did it again. Great work.”

Fundamentally, we read imaginative literature in order to change and evolve as people, and the text that opens and supports that process has great value for us —Robert C. Davis




GRAHAM MACKIN­TOSH, Mackin­tosh Typography

JOÃO CAMILO, Professor in the Spanish and Portu­guese Department, at the Univer­sity of Cali­fornia, Santa Barbara, Editor of Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies

Sasha — Thanks for the good work — very thorough.
—Steve Eltinge

people fail
many times
but keep
on coming.
— Anonymous